Friday, May 17, 2013

review: Phase 7 #017 comic zine

Just got this zine three days ago. It was released in Feb 2013. This comic zine is done by Alec Longstreth, I'm familiar with his artwork, I saw it on the Microcosm Publishing catalog before. This issue is the first part of three, a tribute to Weezer series. The story is about how Alec first got to listen to Weezer's 'Blue Album', and also his experiences in life that got connection with the songs and lyrics to the album, which is his favorite album of all time, (mine too!). I'm a also a total geek of Weezer, got all the albums on CD except the latest 'Death to False Metal'. A fun read a good cartoon drawing that will make you want to draw comics again!

Contact; Alec Longstreth p.o. box11207, Oakland, CA 94611 USA

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