Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Zine Fest -the chronology so far

I read somewhere on facebook that this year's KL Zine Fest is the forth one. Yeap, the first zine fest was organized by Papakerma in Shah Alam (2006) whereas there was almost no zine published during that time. There was a zine collection on display on that and all the kids can read all of them for free. We also had a forum about zines and independent publishing with Hishamuddin Rais, Joe Kidd, Zaki and Nizang as panels and Pudin as the moderator.

Then in 2010, KL zine Fest was held at Rumah Api (then known as Gudang Noisy) with screening, band performances (Keladak, The Pips, The Chalat-Chalat) and zine readings. Last year, it was held at Central Market Annexe and we had a discussion about the future of zines, and collaborating literature zines and punk zines. It was also combined with Distro Day Out. There was also a collection of zines collection on display for free browsing and reading.

This year, again it will be held together with Distro Day Out at MIA Arts Centre near KLCC. The way it’s planned, worked and promoted is better than last year’s, so we sure it’s gonna be a blast and a huge crowd there. See you at the fest!

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