Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zine Fest & Distro Day Out Malaysia 2012

Zine Fest & Distro Day Out Malaysia 2012 was organized by Talib (Altar zine) on 7th July 2012. It was organized on July in conjunction with the International Zine Month celebrated around the world. 

Among the labels/collective that tabled at the event were Senorita zine, Kerat Studio, Revulsion Records, Learn To Trust Records, Welfare Distro, Your.Slave.State Distro and Nervhous Records.

A screening of the USA zine scene documentary '$100 and a t-shirt' was held starting at 3 p.m. And also a conference about the local zine scene was held at 4.30 p.m. We discussed about the rise of literature zines nowadays and the downturn of the hc/punk and music zines and how these two zine scenes seems separated from each other. We discussed about the relevance of these kinds of events to bridge the gaps of these two zine scenes.

A number of panels shared about techniques and places to print zines that look better and cheaper.  
  by Nizang

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