Sunday, May 19, 2013


Nizang has been writing zine reviews as well as some music reviews in his zine Mosh since 1999-2012 and other zines such as The Coalition, Jerangkung Dalam Almari, etc. No longer have the intention to write about music, he decided to put Mosh to end, hopefully for good. He's still in the process of putting out zines (with different names) and still have deep interest in zines and independent publication though. Still feels like he should support the local zine scene, so this blog will serve the purpose. Promoting and documenting the zine scene, mostly local zines and some foreign zines news and reviews. Zines in Malay language will be reviewed in Malay language and English zines will be reviewed in English. Enjoy.

Favorite local zines:

Common People, Biodegradable Material, Roots, Cronically Donut, Sandwich, Hardkoi, Sireh Dan Cengkih Terpilih.

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