Sunday, November 16, 2014

Voz Feminna vol. 3

Got this zine for free from the members of Radigals (Singapore all-girl hardcore) during Kuala Lumpur zine fest 2014. They were around playing a couple shows here during that weekend. Quite a simple hardcore zine. I can guess that this zine is done by two person by looking at the illustration on the last page. Interviews are with Human Brutality (Taiwan), The Bois, Bloody Rejects, A.E.S, Straight Forward, Sjanse (all from Singapore), Twitching Tongues (USA), and LastxMinute (Malaysia). This zine focuses of interview, maybe to expose the bands from different places especially the new and upcoming ones. There's no articles, but a review for Tipping Point's cd e.p

They even gave away some free stickers. At the back of the cover, they hand-wrote a note "Feel free to make copies & pass around to your friends :) *Do not charge them!"

No contacts provided, try searching for Radigals on facebook...

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