Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: ALLEINER THREAT zine #2 'Up The Bike Punks'

I got this A6 size perzine (the editor also calls it as ego-zine) from Mika when we traded a boxful of CDs and zines. I loved how A6 size zines always with crooked edges and uneven page sizes. It looks very home-made with no proper tools; somehow they gave an intimate touch to the zines. As the cover page suggests, this is the bike punk issue. There is a story about teaching how to ride a bike, bicycle ride accident due to drunk-riding, bicycles being stolen and also finding back a stolen bike. There are a brief write-up about bike punk and critical mass. There are also Amnesty International’s event ‘Bike For Women’s Right’ report? There’s an interview with Joe Biel (Microcosm Publishing) the one who coined the term ‘bike-punk’ himself. This issue is a good read with writings from various contributors, as far as from The Philippines. Half of the zine is in German language though.

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